What Can Be Learned About Anger?

by Deborah McMahon M.F.C.C.

After doing a 2 years of Anger Release Workshops, many people ask me what it is like. I find that it is difficult to explain the depth of the process. I suppose the best way to answer the question is to share(with the participant's permission) some of the feedback that I have received.

"You take people down a path. It doesn't matter how afraid you are, when the time comes, you get angry. Most people have so much fear , they don't even go close to the workshop. You have it laid out so that we all go down our own path to get to the place where we are ready to let go of our anger or whatever is ready to come up. Is it about getting to our anger...past anger and past fear of anger."

"Through the Anger Release Workshop what was diagnosed as a physical ailment that of being a hiatal hernia was in actuality emotional suppressed anger. The result from the workshop was that of no more stomach pain and no more running to the drug store for medication. I can now eat and swallow with ease. "I am in a lot different place from where I use to be. Anger is different for me...much different It is not something that I am afraid of in myself or in others as much as I use to be. I see anger as a part of the emotional spectrum that I can choose to demonstrate. I don't give my power away as much to other people when they have their anger.. It is more okay for me to experience anger in other people. Anger brings up lots of feelings in people"

"I am more comfortable with it. I can be there for anger now and not go away inside myself. It is nice to stay in the present in life If anger pushes your buttons, you certainly aren't going to stay in the present. If everybody's buttons are pushed by the anger, no one is around for the moment. Anger is a very powerful force for setting boundaries. It has a big influence on other people. People freeze up and react from their pasts. Being able to express your anger is a good thing."

"I would recommend it to anyone and everyone especially someone who pleases everyone else. Unexpressed anger affects your life enormously. My anger affected my weight, and my ability to be assertive and to get what I wanted and deserved. I had allowed people to break my boundaries by controlling me with their anger."

"If you can't get angry or if you get afraid if someone else gets angry, you cut off a huge piece of your life for yourself. There are places in anger where you just can't go if you are afraid of your own or other's anger. The workshop opened up my flow of energy."

"It helped me to reduce stress and hold on to my power."

"You get a chance to look at yourself and see how angry you really are about things you didn't even realize you were angry about. You realize a lot of things in your process and in other's processes. There is a relief. You realize things about how people treated you. Usually you were justified in being angry but you couldn't express it then so you get to do it now which really impacts your life."

"You couldn't get angry then and you can't get angry now... the same patterns repeat. You can break those patterns now by giving yourself permission. You have made your anger conscious. It is empowering in your life."

These are just a few pieces of feedback. I hope it answers a few questions.

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