FeldenkraisTM and Therapy….The Perfect Mix for McMahon

For many years as a psychotherapist, I have endorsed the concept “Pay Attention”. It is very important to examine what is going on with your life, take responsibility for it , and create it as you feel driven to by your greatness. I have seen a lot of success in working with people….but in several cases, there was something missing. Then tendency to stop at some point and resent change due to physical discomfort, injury, illness, or some undetermined factor often seemed to happen. A ceiling of growth, if you will call it that, seemed to occur. Greatness is a high ceiling.

Through the years, I noticed that the physical aspect was an important part of growth and through adding things such as working out, walking daily, running a marathon, or doing some physical process, it would help with the progress of the individual. I checked out many modalities of movement but they all seemed to fall short… until one day, I heard about a movement education process called Feldenkrais
TM. I began to get lessons and to go and watch them being given. I was intrigued! I noticed improvement in my performance in marathons, better hand/eye coordination, loss of back pain, and greater agility both physically and mentally in life. I wanted to learn the process so I could teach it to others. I had found the missing ingredient in my work.

TM is a four-year program to learn to become a practitioner. It results in national and international certification. I completed this program on September 1st. It has cost me approximately $100,000 due to missing work, tuition, and expenses. It has given me a gift of now being able to see all parts of a person not as pieces but as a whole.

We are not mind and body, we are beings each unique and special. How we stand, see, move, hear, smile….all determines who we are and how we present ourselves in life. This is true for everyone. We are the result of everything we have experienced in life and our future is determined by how we chose to MOVE through it. Moshe Feldenkrais, the founder, of the method believed that it might take as many lessons as years of your life to regain full movement based on the fact that things that happen to you in life determine how you move. It makes sense that a 5-year-old would require very few lessons while a 90-year-old would require more. For me, the great part about Feldenkrais TM is that it makes sense.

In the last segment of my training, a quote by Heinrich von Kleist was introduced that struck me to my core as being truth.

“We would have to eat of the tree of knowledge a second time to fall back into the state of innocence.”

Intellectual learning is the first tree of knowledge, which in my opinion is therapy. Learning to be and regaining the physical image of our original greatness requires Feldenkrais TM…a second visit to the tree of knowledge on a soulful level of being….a being of innocence, curiosity, and wonder.

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