"The House Group"...A Mental Cleaning Process
by Deborah McMahon

The other day as I was running around, a woman approached me and said that her husband had always wanted to do therapy but that they had never been able to afford it. I have heard this over and over again and I have done many community services with group processes to help people take a look down the hall of self exploration and therapy. For some reason when this woman spoke to me, I felt compelled to do something... rather to create something..to help people get help who can not afford the price of weekly individual therapy. The result of my thinking was

The House. "The House" is a 12 week group process of exploring lives together. It consists of three four week groups of which you can take one or all of them. The first group is called "The Foundation Group". This group addresses family systems concepts with family sculpting, family roles and rules, and family secrets. The second group is "The Building Group". This group addresses your current life system by examining beliefs, issues, goals, and relationships. The third group is

The Chimney Group. This group explores spiritual beliefs, God definition, creating your own principles and life, and definition of the true self. "The House" offers the opportunity to examine your life in the past, and in the present. It will be especially exciting to watch the people in the group create new futures. I am anxious for input and feedback on this concept. The group will meet weekly and the cost will be $40 per 2 hour meeting. People in the first group will have priority in filling the second group and people in the second group will have priority in filling the third group. I find the group to be a new and exciting challenge and I hope to hear from anyone who is interested. The group will start in March. If you are interested, please call me and tell me what day of the week would be best for you to attend the group.

For information, call:
 (310) 306-5479