The Sky Is Not The Limit!
by Deborah McMahon

It takes a special kind of person to step beyond the limits imposed by the general belief systems set by our culture. It takes guts, motivation, and support. It takes moxie, chutzpah, courage. Few of us are willing to take the risk. Most of us were told at a very young age that we had to deal with reality and go for the sure bet. We were asked "Who do you think you are?" to even think such thoughts, have such dreams. Most of us settled for what others told us we should do...but that is the past. It is time to re examine those beliefs, open up the old box of dreams and dust it off, re-kindle the feelings of hope and excitement and become a believer in wishing on stars and catching them. It is time to stretch out of the old behavior patterns and recall what you came here to do. It is time to awaken the desire of your soul.

IT IS TIME TO GET ROWDY!! It is not to late to wish upon a star, put it in your pocket and walk way with the gold. It is time to stir up yourself and others and go for the gusto of what you know is innately really good. Push the limits, stretch yourself, and dare to go for what others see as impossible or miracles. Think of where we would be if people had not dared to dream. Literally, we would be in the dark with no light, no music, and definitely no television. If someone didn't have vision, I sure wouldn't be typing this on a computer. Now, what is the point of this article? The point is that IF YOU

ARE WILLING TO BE A STAR CATCHER, have I got the group for you. It will be coming in February and if you are reading this article, it is no accident. Star catchers need support and I intend to create a group to give it to them. Are you a Star Catcher?

For information, call:
 (310) 306-5479