My intention with the CDs is to raise the vibration of the planet to one of divine abundance of all good.

The 7 Abundance CDs came to me one night.  I wrote down the words and produced the CDs in my home by doing each one over and over until it felt right.  There is no editing or splicing.  It is just as it came from my heart. 

It is important to create an opportunity for people to continuously and consistently increase their abundance consciousness by focusing on it EVERY DAY!

The Responsive CDs are approximately 12 to15 minutes long and are set up for you to repeat the affirmations after me.  At one point in the CD, you are asked to fill in the 5 things you are grateful for that day.  This is done by my saying the affirmation and leaving a blank so you repeat the first part and add your individual things you are grateful for in your life.  Have fun with it!  The car and the bathroom are great places to use it.

The Non-responsive CDs are 7 to 9 minutes and are set up for you to just relax and listen .  Set it up so you can just push a button and play it while you are doing everyday things!

For individuals, this is set up so that each day you can raise your awareness of abundance through your commitment to being present with the CD once or more a day.

This CD gives parents a tool to use, share, and enjoy with their children creating a mindset of prosperity for them and their children either in the morning on the way to school or at night before bed. 

I suggest that you listen to the CD for 33 days.  Create a tally sheet on your favorite paper and start out by giving yourself 1 point.  Each time that you listen to the CD, give yourself 3 points.  In 33 days, shoot for 100 points!  Learn about yourself when you find resistance to any affirmations!    Work through the block, stay with the process, and watch your transformation! 

The CD supports people in practicing the Law of Attraction in a simple and direct way.   What you focus on is drawn to you!

Using this short CD and this simple plan, you can dedicate your life to abundance.

There are 7 different Abundance CDs and you can also download The Book of Universal Knowledge.   If you would like to share your results, I LOVE to get feedback at or call me at 310.306.5479.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Peace, Blessings, and Hugs from the Hug Doctor,    Deborah McMahon

The Book of Universal Knowledge
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Abundance CD List

Responsive means that you repeat affirmations after me. Non-responsive is just listening.

jg Good Morning!   
Set the stage for your day with this CD.  Start your morning off right so you can create the day you want…full of awareness of the abundance of your life!  (Responsive) 15.10 minutes.
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jg Get Down to IT!   
Great for beginners who just want to listen and get use to the idea of abundance in their life.  It is a short CD that injects the affirmations into the mind in approximately 8 minutes to you can get down to it and try it on for size! (Non-responsive) 8:20 minutes.
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jg Blast!    
This CD is great for letting go and moving forward.  Many will use this for the drive home after a long day to remember the truth of abundance in their life before they return to their family.  Using the CD will help people to release the issues of the day so they can return to their home in a peaceful space. (Responsive) 12:28 minutes.
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jg Spiritual!   
This CD is for those who want to work with the spiritual principles of abundance and to go deeper. (Non-responsive) 9:10 minutes.
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jg Relaxation   
This CD is good at bedtime to prepare you for sleep (Non-responsive) 7:35 minutes.
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jg Night Time   
This CD settles you into the night. (Non-responsive) 8:54 minutes.
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jg Slumber   
This CD is for peace as you go deeply into slumber (Non-responsive) 8:53 minutes.
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